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Fiat Qatar

Fiat is one of the most famous Italian brands in the world auto industry and the mortality of the first companies that started in the manufacture of passenger cars which dates back to 1899, founded by the famous Italian businessman at this time Giovanni Agnelli.

Characterized by Fiat in general features of any Italian car such as innovative design and athletic performance is the mortality of the brands traded globally plentiful between lovers driving , because of the multiplicity and the availability of spare parts and is considered the first economy car in the world.

In Egypt Aometra Trading Company is the sole agent for Fiat ,Responsible for the sale and importation of the car and service its customers and the provision of spare parts is also ,Aometra company was founded in 1977 a company distinctive in the world of cars, based in Saudi Arabia.

Fiat cars are traded in Egypt since its appearance and still Fiat car Favorites and closeup of many customers because of reasonable prices and the availability of spare parts, easy to handle and multiple means of selling and buying.

Although sales decreased mortality in the last period in Egypt, but the mortality is still captured the attention of many people contended with middle-class because of services available and reasonable prices , Fiat hopes to return to competition by offering the new Fiat family l500.

Model Property power Price
Fiorino 2020 Manual / Standard 1400 49,000 QAR
500 X 2020 Automatic / Pop Star 1400 69,000 QAR
500 2020 Automatic / Hatch POP 1400 71,000 QAR
500 2020 Automatic / Hatch Lounge 1400 71,000 QAR
500 2020 Automatic / Convertible 1400 77,000 QAR
500 X 2020 Automatic / Lounge 1400 83,000 QAR
500 2020 Automatic / Convertible Lounge 1400 87,000 QAR
500 L 2020 Automatic / Trekking 1400 90,000 QAR
500 X 2020 Automatic / Cross Plus 2400 106,000 QAR
Fiat 500 Yellow 95,000 Km Doha
date_range 2019-11-02

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